Upper East Side Townhouse



The renovation of this 4,000 square foot Upper East Side single-family townhouse on a landmark block included new windows and several enlarged openings, custom designed metal work on exterior gates and railings, and the reconfiguration of the existing floor-by-floor program. This included situating an expanded kitchen and formal dining room on the garden level of the house with a separate breakfast room overlooking a completely refurbished rear garden. The new design also flipped the stair location easing circulation in this unusually narrow townhouse. The client has an extensive art collection which was integrated into the design in various ways including opening up a double height space between the parlor and entry floor to feature select oversized pieces.


Project completed while at Bond Street Architecture & Design

Design Team lead by Richard Lavenstein (with Tiffany Melancon and Stacy Jaffe)
Lighting consultant – Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design
Landscape consultant – Halstead Welles
Mechanical/electrical engineer – Pavane & Kwalbrun Consulting Engineers
Structural engineer – Stanley Goldstein, PC
General Contractor – Taocon, Inc.

Photo copyright credits: Peter Aaron/Esto (photos 1-4, 6-7, 10); Albert Vecerka/Esto (photos 5, 8-9, 11)

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